Living From Stillness

By Surya Devi Ishaya

As much as I would have disbelieved, living from inner stillness in a busy world is possible. In fact, being able to make that a choice you consciously make leads to a bigger adventure of living.

Living from an experience of Stillness can be the most natural thing. When I first heard that, it was like music to my ears, like magical shimmering sunlight on the ocean water. However, the reality of living like that is even more magical.

Coming Home To The Stillness Within

Learning the Bright Path Ishayas' method was like coming home for me. It was completely natural, like a reacquaintance with my old friend, the Stillness. It was easy to access the Stillness with the Ishayas' techniques, the Ascension Attitudes of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion, moving the mind inward. I soaked it up like a parched being in the desert with a long-awaited drink of peace.

Living From Stillness 03

I immediately saw that I was now given a choice: to move the mind inward to the stillness using the techniques or to think. It was so simple. I noticed that I was changing my relationship with thought. Now, there was a distance between me, the observer and thought.

And I began to notice a space that existed in all of this. The Stillness. There was no fear, worry, past, or future here. Simply being here, now.

I used the techniques regularly, as instructed during the class. I knew something was happening, but in the beginning, I didn't really know what.

Commitment Fuels The Inward Journey

The commitment to the Ishayas' practice allowed me to gently remember who I am. The techniques effortlessly brought my awareness inward and immediately to Source, the Stillness, each time I used them. It required no effort at all. Only a willingness to use the practice regularly with eyes open and closed.

As I began to make the choice to let go of the habit of thinking, I began to become aware that I was living life from Stillness. Previously I sporadically experienced stillness while in nature. Now I was aware that I am aware of the peace, and this now permeates all aspects of life. I now have a foundation, an anchor for life rooted in stillness.

Commitment 02 - meditating

Thinking became less and less. I showed up by being here in my body, simply using an ascension attitude. I eventually noticed what I was not - I was not my body, thoughts or emotions. I was something much more.I also noticed that peace, love and joy bubbled up from within. All areas of my life were affected by this natural expansion of consciousness.

I began to enjoy life more as old habits and patterns naturally and easily dissolved. And the best part was that I realised I wasn't broken and didn't need fixing. I was whole already.

I began to live from Stillness. I could present talks more easily and began to enjoy them. I found myself being still when talking with people and hearing what they had to say. I began to notice when I was thinking as people were talking and would then introduce an Ascension Attitude and become still. Magic. I could think or be still now. It was as simple as that.

Life became more straightforward, whole and filled with the wonder of what life presented to me. 

Living From Stillness 04

Being Your Authentic Self Means Showing Up For Life

Living from stillness is possible and not a dream. I am an Ishaya monk working full-time as a registered nurse in a busy clinical setting. Living stillness in a busy world is my reality. I am pure radiant awareness observing. And this is because of a daily ascension practice with eyes open and eyes closed ascending.

Being Presence automatically means showing up to life. This is fulfilling beyond words. The stillness and that this permeates everything and is underneath everything and never moves.

It doesn't matter if life is busy. Being anchored in the stillness means life is no longer a series of ups and downs like a yoyo.

I have changed my relationship to thoughts and no longer identify with them. I am in the world but not of it. This experience is the birthright of all of us. I invite you to find out if this is true for you.

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