Oneness And The Potential Of Ascension

By Padma Devi Ishaya

When I first met the Ishaya teachers I heard them speak of "Oneness". It sounded like a most elevated and beautiful state. Still, I thought it was difficult, even impossible, to experience for someone like me with so many insecurities, thoughts, flaws and so on. They insisted that not only was it possible to experience Full Human Consciousness through consistent practice of the Bright Path techniques, but they also repeated that it was easy and accessible.

At the time, in my early twenties, I felt that my glass had fogged over, my vision was blurred, I was just going through life to the best of my ability and obeying that voice in my head advising me all the time. 

Sometimes it seemed like a good ally, but on many occasions, I felt that it turned against me and made me fall into really unpleasant states.

Tired of that lifestyle, I took this path, and it is the best decision I have ever made! Despite the fear, insecurity, beliefs and all my expectations, the practice of these techniques and the guidance of the Ishayas has been working its magic.

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The Road Map To Experiencing Oneness

This path is straightforward, and that is one of the things I love most about it. Consequently, spirituality has taken on a sense of simplicity for me. Ascension has given me "THE HOW" to experience all that I only read about in books or saw in documentaries about monks and enlightened saints.

Through the practice of Ascension, I quickly began to discover that I could distance myself from my thoughts, that I could "let go" of the stories running in my head to perceive the present moment and what is really happening Here and Now, In doing so, my body rested, and I was filled with Serenity.

I began to leave the mental castles to dwell in the place where my body actually is, decreasing anxiety, worry and suffering.

It is still great to realise that I am not all that the mind says I am. Whenever I use my Ishaya techniques I remember that I am "something else" that is not limited by thought. I am the one who is aware of life happening.

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Experiencing The Freshness And Vitality Of Life

In this beautiful journey, through the practice of Ascension, many things fascinate me. One of them is that it is just like life: it is never as we think or expect, as each moment is totally new.

This has helped me to truly live, to live in the present and enjoy the unique "taste" of each moment. Right here and now, life IS unfolding, vibrating, resonates, and embracing me.

I have also discovered a constant aspect within me which is silent, without comment. This pure state has been called "Oneness", "being one with everything", "enlightenment", etc. I can tell you that it is the purest thing I have ever experienced, and it fills me with gratitude to recognise it.

I now realise that I am not separate from Life, The Universe, The All. No one is! How could we be separated from The Omnipresent Being?

This is the purest truth, I have not always been aware of it, but I can choose to live it right now.

Through this practice, I have within my reach the choice to live as I did as a child, seeing everything (this moment, situations, other people, and of course, myself) with totally new eyes. Can you imagine how light, fun and restful it is to live like this?

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Oneness Is Our Natural State Of Being

Union or Oneness can also be described as the state in which one lives permanently in the present. We all come into the world this way, so it need not be difficult to experience it, don't you think?

If you are like me, perhaps you have many ideas or expectations of what Oneness or Enlightenment is. Perhaps you think it is a very long process, an unattainable state, or that you don't deserve it. This is where the constant practice of a valid path that helps you rediscover yourself, and your commitment to dedicate time and energy to it, becomes essential.

We were born in innocence, in purity, it was easy to witness life moment by moment, and our essence will remain with us throughout life. However, we need to train our attention, bringing it back to the present moment again and again, bring it back to our inner self, and it will return to its pure state of calm, purity and contemplation. Otherwise, we will miss out on experiencing the permanent aspect of our Self, which is the same Self that dwells in All.

If you have a genuine desire to explore who you are, I invite you to practice The Ishaya Techniques, allow yourself to be guided by the teachers of The Bright Path, attend the activities, group practices, retreats, etc. 

As the Teacher who brought this teaching to the west said, "Do it with all your heart, body, mind and spirit, and the result of enlightenment will soon manifest".

This teaching is a simple and natural way to remember who you really are. Are you ready to live it to the full?

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