Returning Home

By Devima Ishaya

When we were children, we perceived our little world, which, for many of us, translated to parents and siblings.

During this time, we learned to define concepts. There, we discovered what a home was: if we were fortunate, that included shelter, support, safety, protection, care, love, harmony, attention, nurturing, a sense of belonging, flow, freedom of being, and freedom to express our feelings.

As we moved in our little world, we expressed ourselves with authenticity, brilliance, joy, innocence and spontaneity, without limits, full of energy and creativity.

Then our little world expanded into cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, relationships at school, work etc.

As infants, we bring the memory of our home of origin, the Divine, the authentic Home, which is our heart. 

That which we experienced in our early years, from the purity of the Self, got covered with mud as our world and the beliefs we picked up expanded. We moved away from our true essence, creating a false identity.

Path Of Return 02

When We Move Away From Our Authentic Experience

We begin to build a world of emotions we did not deal with then, and we leave it stored in the subconscious to relive it later at another moment in our lives.

In my experience, returning home, to my sweet Home to the heart of the Supreme Being, was initially very dark, with fear, with much mental and emotional turmoil and guilt.

My only memory of home was my family home, my parents and siblings, however when I assumed my life, I walked away from the family home with many judgements, disillusioned because my parents were not modelling the memory I had of Home, as they too had their own limitations and emotionally they were lacking. 

They did not have the spiritual capacity to teach me the way to discover inner peace, because they had no map they had followed.

The Road To Peace Need Not Be Difficult

My journey home to the experience of inner peace showed me how much guilt I had stored. I believed I had done something wrong and would not deserve unconditional love - I had a deep sense of impending punishment. That belief installed in my subconscious made it difficult at the beginning.

I started my journey with childhood wounds, healing therapies and changing positive thinking through metaphysics.

However, the journey was proving to be very burdensome, long and tedious, having to return home remembering the deep wounds of childhood. Who would be encouraged to continue the journey by rubbing salt in the wounds...? 

I was determined to seek peace with gentleness, softness, kindness and, above all, joy. This desire presented the way home with much more awareness. As consciousness expanded, those repressed parts of the personality dissolved, not by trying to let go but by focusing on increasing inner joy.

Path Of Return 03

Listen To Your Inner Guidance

Suddenly, there it was again, that clear and forceful voice of the Spirit, driving me to seek the right path for my evolutionary process.

I found my way home with softness, gentleness, joy, strength and certainty. I found the Ishayas’ Ascension, a simple meditation practice perfect for people like me, who distrusted the Universe.

I had found the perfect path of return for me. It felt restful for my soul. I no longer had to fix or modify patterns; I only had to allow my attention to move beyond the thinking storm in my mind. In doing so, my nervous system was being healed, and the natural state of my Self was revealing itself.

Finally, my mind fell silent, and the deep Silence of the Universe manifested itself more clearly every day.

The path of returning to my true Home impacted every area of my life. Today I feel much more alive, fuller and happier. I found the true purpose of my life, which is to be Happy.

Today I only do activities that bring Happiness and Peace to my life, living from the freedom of Self, where everything is possible. As a result, it impacted my relationships, having relationships of true unconditional love.

Today, I can truthfully say that the path of return, or going back Home to the heart, is easy, relaxed, and joyful.

The Bright Path Ishaya path reminds me that I have always been innocent and that all my experiences have been necessary to transcend the limits I believed in. Now I can live them from the conscious being that I am.

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