The Power Of Commitment

by Rama Ishaya

"Commitment" is a subject that can get tricky to talk about. In reality, though, commitment is the ingredient that can make the difference between achieving your goals or falling short. In fact, wholeheartedly committing to something can improve your life dramatically.

At some point in our lives, many of us ask ourselves, "What else is there?" We realise there has to be something more. Life cannot simply be what we live day by day: getting up, having breakfast, going to school, going to work, sleeping and living only to pay our bills and debts for the rest of our lives.

Commitment 03 - hustle and bustle

Indeed, you have asked yourself or have told yourself that there has to be something more; there has to be a more important purpose of why you are here. The good news is that, yes, there is a more important reason why you are here than getting paid and paying your debts.

And if you listened to your heart at that time, you may have already learned the ancient and powerful techniques of the Ishayas called Ascension, which allows you to step into a direct experience of Oneness by ending separation.

It is the simplest and most effective tool available for this purpose. The first time I used it, I didn't know what I was going to get; in fact, I had no idea, that something like this could be achieved or experienced, but the moment I first used the technique, I felt a profound peace that was also so familiar like when I was a child.

Adding Commitment To The Recipe Creates Magic

Commitment is like the secret ingredient, you know? It's different from being willing or motivated. For example, has it ever happened to you that you're really busy or stressed out and your motivation to do your meditation practice is gone? Motivation and willpower sometimes fail, but the commitment is always there, firm. That is why it is so important to commit.

Commitment 01- secret ingredient

"As you do one thing, you do everything"

Someone once said, "As you do one thing, you do everything". And once you start giving 100% in something, the rest of the other things you do will reach 100%.

When I started my meditation practice, I first made a commitment to do it every day. I realised that this was easy. It didn't matter the results, it didn't matter if I did well or poorly, that's not what my commitment was about. My commitment was to put my all into doing the practice as I had been taught; that was all.

I soon realised that I could do everything like that. 100% while driving, instead of having a future discussion in your mind with your boss who is in the office, give 100% of yourself at work; when you are with other people, give 100% of yourself, listening to them or doing some activity with them, when you set yourself to do a diet do it 100%, when you have committed to learn something new, etc..

100% Commitment, Nothing Less

Give all of yourself, not 50%, not 99%. When you do it halfway or 99%, you constantly have a mental dialogue that you can do it better, differently, or why not leave it for another time, and then you spend a lot of time distracting yourself instead of just doing what you have committed to.

Suppose you want to create a more harmonious environment in your life. In that case, you have to fully commit to your meditation practice, to that practice that makes your mind calm, helps you experience more peace, helps you release stress, helps you connect with your inner self, and helps you be more present.

Commitment 02 - meditating

"Commitment helps you achieve that goal you have been searching for"

It is very beautiful to see it from this perspective because you are either committed or you are not; there is no middle ground, and there is really no such thing as half committing or committing a little bit.

Commitment helps you achieve that goal you have been searching for, that your heart knows perfectly well, in good times and in bad. So, how easy it is to do it 100%; you don't have to worry about 1 to 99%, you either do it. or you don't,

And if we only have these two options, life becomes much simpler and easier. At first, you don't know why you want to commit to your practice. But since you are clear about what your heart's greatest desire is, that you know that there is something more to life, that you want to experience the Divine at all times and everywhere in your life, and that commitment is what will help you achieve it, the decision is very simple and easy.

Commitment 05- mountains

Once you are clear, nothing can get in the way between commitment and what you seek. When there is commitment and an "obstacle" appears in your way, then you will find a way to turn it around, or to pass through that "obstacle". You will not let that obstacle prevent you from achieving your commitment and therefore having a life free of attachments, a full life, filled with the presence in every moment, which is your heart's greatest desire.

Make Life Simple And Easy

You have to remember that this is simple and easy. Commitment is only to the truth, to what is true. Once you become committed, you will begin to realise that fascination for the little things, for discovering, for exploring, for recognising what it is like to have a life full of fulfilment, union with God, and absolute and eternal peace.

Commitment 04 - searching

Don't commit to seek. We grew up being addicted to searching because we learned that something external outside of us is what is going to give us fullness, what is going to make us feel complete, to fill that emptiness, and that regardless of what we do and achieve in our life, it does not fill it. It is easy to stop that addiction to searching when you commit yourself to what is true because that is where you will find your heart's greatest desire.

All of your life experiences have brought you to this moment; whether you have already learned the Ishayas' Ascension techniques, found this article by chance, or are looking for a little more peace, remember that you are actually here to recognise and experience God, peace, love, in everything, and in every moment of your life. To your mind, the path may seem difficult, but with your commitment everything is possible.

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