Discover what it means to be truly alive


The Bright Path offers easy meditation techniques for experiencing life beyond limitation. The techniques bring you to a direct experience of peace, happiness and freedom. They involve no belief and can be easily practiced by anyone of any age or cultural background.



91% of people regularly practising Ascension report improved communication, relationships and sense of connection.


The new movie about the
life-changing impact of Ascension


A Mindful Choice is a stunning documentary that shows the powerful, positive impact the practice of Ascension has on people’s lives. Beautifully filmed, A Mindful Choice weaves together stories of individuals, groups and communities from many different parts of the world, and incredibly varied backgrounds, who have changed for the better due to the impact of this amazing teaching.

See how people who have discovered inner peace channel this into creative projects that bring joy and change to others. This film clearly shows that Peace is possible, and by the end of the film, you too will want to make that choice. Click here for more info.