Let Go

By Divya Ishaya

I learned the Ishayas’ Ascension techniques a good number of years ago, after a long search for peace and tranquility. My first contact was when I was invited to listen to an introductory talk. In it the monks spoke of peace and love and that it was attainable in this life; that I could be happy no matter what was happening.

I decided to take the course and began to notice changes in me. Day by day there was more peace and my relationships began to improve, mainly my relationship with my family. The dream of living in peace seemed attainable.

"Peace and love was (and is!) the experience of everyday life."

After a while, after constant practice of Ascension, my life changed completely. Peace and love was (and is!) the experience of everyday life. It is true that no matter what is happening, we can be happy. From that moment on, I dedicate my life to this Teaching. 

As an Ishaya monk, I received the name, “Divya”, which means “Divine Light” and “God of All Light and All Divinities”.

Let go Circle The Lord of light

Experience A Space Beyond Judgement

Today I want to talk about letting go, what it is, what it means and how it can be achieved.

Many times we have surely heard comments like "just let it go" or "let it go" or "let bygones be bygones", haven't we? But I always wondered how?

It sounds easy and very nice and very liberating, but from the mind it is impossible to let go of something that you don't even know how it is stuck there. 

This is because we are identifying with something, or a little "I", or a self-dialogue that thinks and judges everyone, but mainly ourselves. It sounds like it's us but it's just a voice, a programme that we have, that reconstructs things over and over again, trying to understand or shape something that is not real, an illusory idea of “self”. Who we actually are is something much bigger, beautiful and luminous.

That constant commentary in our head also takes us back to the past and the future, to old patterns and beliefs.

The past doesn't exist and the future never comes and yet we are stuck in something that already happened and can't be changed... and we spend hours and hours modifying it in our head. Or we spend hours thinking about the future, believing that it will be better or in the way I perceive it to be.

Let go - Circle - Escaping the past and the future

Escaping The Trap Of Past And Future

But there is something in common these two experiences have; the idea that something will be better or should have been better at another time. 

We don't see that the only real thing is in this moment, NOW, in front of us. Life is happening - it is the most beautiful thing and we miss it by believing that there will be something better another time, or that it was better last time. 

These are just old learned patterns that there is something better some other time, but not now or that we have to do something very very good to deserve it... some other time.

The best thing is that we are already that very good thing, that deserves all the best and all the good and that is already given you just have to pay attention right now.

How Can I Stay Here And Now?

"And now who can help me?" (Said Chapulín Colorado).

The beautiful techniques of the Ishaya monks allow you to experience the here and now and the oneness with the whole. 

They are perfect thoughts that transport you to the divine BEING that you are and allow you to experience the Present. 

They are perfect thoughts, free of beliefs that go beyond the self-talk of the past and the future.

Now, with these techniques, it is much easier to let go because my attention is now on what I truly am: that infinite source of love and peace.

So in order to let go it is necessary to put all our attention here, only here, where the beauty, the love, the peace, the here and now is.

If your attention is on what you truly are, you would not have to let go of anything because there is nothing left to hold on to.

Let go Circle True nature of surrender

The True Nature Of Surrender

Sometimes we talk about "surrendering to let go" of that which is stuck. But what is surrender?  It sounds like losing or maybe not being enough or that something defeated me. But surrendering from the mind is just a mental game and a self-dialogue that gets us nowhere. 

However, if we surrender from who we really are: a perfect, luminous being who has full attention in this moment, there would be nothing to surrender because there is simply no "me" holding on to anything.

All these experiences are so perfect for us to realize that there is something more, a way to live fully in peace, harmony and above all in perfection.

I want to share with you what the experience of letting go, not holding on to anything is like for me today:

It is living in the perfection of each moment, loving each situation of life, not trying to change anything or anyone, recognising the divinity in every being that surrounds me. 

I invite you to explore this beautiful dance called life where not holding on to anything allows you to truly LIVE.

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