Don’t Complicate Your Path – Just Let Go

by Jayatsena Ishaya

Have you ever considered enlightenment, self-realisation, or freedom? What does that mean? What would your experience be like when you were that?

Let's start by looking at what your experience is now. What does a typical day look like? There might be a bit of thinking, pondering about the past, reliving the last conversation with a family member or the boss that didn't play out the way you wanted.

Or you are a bit worried about something that will happen in the future, a meeting, a trip, or a gathering. You are reacting to your feelings and end up paralysed by the emotions. We often get caught up in our minds.

It can also be that you are unaware of anything just described, but you might also feel that you are not fully living. You don't feel alive.

When do you feel alive? When doing your favourite sport, hiking in the mountains, watching the sunset in the sea?

All those moments when you feel genuinely alive, how much thinking or dialoguing in your head is happening? How much planning or worrying is happening? Most would say none.

In these moments, you are free; you are one with everything; you live your full human potential.

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Freedom Starts With Simple Choice

So what do you need to do to always be alive, be free, and experience self-realisation?

The answer is to let go. Let go of your past, your future, and your emotions.

It is an easy thing to say; it seems harder to do.

We are so accustomed to being in the waking state of mind, constantly thinking, analysing everything, and having opinions about everything we see and experience.

We are so used to it that it seems weird and almost impossible to live a life when thinking isn't normal. I need to think about the future for it to happen the way I plan it, right?

Enlightenment/freedom/self-realisation is existence when you are fully present, alive right here, right now, allowing, letting go of the idea that you are a separate individual that has separate needs and demands.

Letting go of the desire to think is a great place to start; being open to the possibility that there is a higher way to operate. The habit of thinking keeps us in the waking state and self-realisation keeps being a word and not your experience.

I learned the Ishayas Ascension techniques to sleep better and be less stressed. I found that so much more was available. It is the path of return to your true Self.

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Life Wants More For You Than You Could Ever Know

It is not only some nice side effects like better sleep and healthier relationships but the real deal of freedom and enlightenment, as long as I was willing to let go. Let go of me, the ego, the sense that there is a "my" past, "my" future and "my" feelings and emotions, and just dive in and explore the infinite.

I make the path of awakening to something fun and light, having fun and letting go. Again, again and again. Because our habit of thinking is strong, we just need to keep practising letting go.

Just keep playing. Be like Dory in Finding Nemo. She is always happy and excited, she lives in the present moment, and her attitude is "Just keep swimming". My recommendation for you is just keep playing. Dory helps find Nemo, and you will live the life you were meant to.

So, how does this lead to more freedom or peace in your life? What is self-realisation or enlightenment?

For me, it is all about the present moment, and it all started 7 years ago when I first stepped onto a path of awakening.

Many things help on your journey of self-realisation. All the advice you get from your teachers (aka all the people around you) are different flavours pointing at the same thing.

The still, silent part of your experience, where you are one with everything. We do like some advice more, and some are less fun. Often, we should play more with the one we don't like because my experience says that that is where we have actually to learn something new or see some aspect of ourselves that needs to transcend.

Stillness Is Waiting For Our Attention

One piece of advice that is given early on when you learn Ascension is to let go. For 5 years, I have been sharing this teaching. And still, when I get the advice to let go, I learn something new.

So here is what I learned about letting go and why I want you to hear it. It might resonate with you or not. Either way, here it is.

To experience Oneness, we must put our attention and awareness on the still silent part of our experience that doesn't move. With the Ishayas' techniques, we practise that over and over again.

If you learn some other practice, that is still the idea of the practice. The things that move then, what are they? They are thoughts.

We have feelings in the body; we start to name them, have ideas about what it means, etc. We then created the emotions, we started thinking about the energy that moved in our bodies. We have thoughts about the past. Something happened to us that caused us to build a habit of protecting ourselves from that experience again.

We go on with our life thinking about how to behave and act to not have to experience that again. It can be as hard as a trauma, a work meeting that didn't go well, the first kiss as a teenager, or you hurt yourself or someone because you were in a hurry.

We constantly store and process what is happening to use it for the future. That is a natural way for humans to behave.

But we don't need to think constantly. You still know how to drive a car once you've learned, you don't need to think about it; we just do it. The thinking keeps us locked in separation, in duality. And most of all, we can tend to think about things we already know, missing out on so much potential learning and experience.

Letting go of the past, the future and the emotions will allow you to experience the present moment and meet people here. Not where you believe they are, but where they actually are.

Let Go - 05

Let Go, Into The Spectacular

By letting go of thinking, you let go of the past and the future. I have a meditator friend that studies psychology at university. He does exams being present and not thinking, and he gets great results. We learn things, accumulate knowledge, and turn it into wisdom. We can function in a modern society and still be here now, free.

It is pretty spectacular what letting go can do. And how do you do it? You only do it now, now and now. You don't have to think about it, or the times you didn't do it in the past, and you certainly don't have to worry about what might happen in the future.

Right here, right now, you are in peace, joy and love. The unbounded awareness of the Universe is one with you.

Play, play and play. Let go of one thing now, and now one more.

Good luck, and have fun!

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