You Are Never Alone

By Meera Ishaya

Feeling lonely has always been a big issue for many people. But does it need to be this way? I think not.

Why do I write that? Because I used to feel incredibly alone in this world, always on the edge of every group I wanted to be a part of, and now I don't feel lonely at all.

This change happened gradually for me. Over a few years, little bit by little bit, the feeling of loneliness faded away. The foundation for this change began when I learnt the Ascension techniques.

I Knew There Was Another Way To Live

Ascension is a meditation-type practice that changes your relationship with thoughts, emotions, the world at large, and everything, actually!

I decided to learn these techniques because I wanted more from life. I had started to search for answers to the highly anxious and reactive state I found had become the norm in my life. I felt that life didn't have to be like this, that there was another way. I just hadn't found it yet.

I'm delighted to say I was right. There was another way, and it involved exploring my own inner experience to get to know myself. The real me, beyond the thinking mind and reactive emotional state.

You Are Never Alone (02)

At this point, I stopped feeling so separate and alone from everyone else.

I had built so many barriers around me to keep me safe from the seemingly harsh reality and judgemental people. The problem was that these barriers isolated me from those I wished to connect with the most.

What I discovered was a revelation to me!

Connection Lies Naturally Beyond The Limiting Patterns

Feeling lonely was a reactive pattern of my own making. As this pattern was uncovered and dissolved (which can happen quite quickly with an Ascension practice), a sense of connection arose within me.

I began to recognise that I was never actually alone. The connection I so desperately craved grew when I explored my inner world of stillness and silence. The barriers fell away, and I started to feel a sense of oneness and gentleness that was so peaceful and freeing.

I used to look to others to make me feel validated and loveable. Sometimes I was rewarded with the exact response I was looking for, but more often than not, the response I needed never came. I see now that I missed the way people would look at me with affection or do something kind for me. I was so intent on receiving a specific series of words and actions to prove I was loveable and important to another that I missed the words and actions that demonstrated how much I actually was loved and valued.

Since I learnt Ascension, I have been blown away again and again with how confident and comfortable in my own skin I have become. I no longer need the typical forms of validation, yet I find they come to me every day in many delightful ways. When I let go of the need for validation, the love and compliments started to show up more and more in my everyday life.

Make True Connection Your Priority

However, the inner state of stillness and peace is, and always will be, my priority. It's an inside-out job you see. The minute we look to the outside world to fulfill our needs, we cut ourselves off from the source, which means we don't get to experience the natural flow of good continually coming toward us.

We will always have the chance to feel lonely if we don't cultivate this inner connection. It's our natural state to be aware of the stillness within, and this stillness is the foundation for an experience grounded in peace and happiness.

It doesn't matter if you are surrounded by people or living on your own. Loneliness is a state of mind that only happens when we pay attention to the thoughts that tell us we are all alone. You may feel lonely like I did when you're around others, or you may feel it when you are by yourself. But if you learn to change your relationship with thought and train where you put your attention, you can begin to connect to the source of all love within.

You Are Never Alone (05)

It's possible to be alone and never feel lonely or be in a crowd of people and experience connection and unbounded love.

When you connect to the source of love within, community gathers around you. These days it's so much easier to connect than ever, with the ability to connect online and in person. So isolation is a thing of the past, and communities of many different types can begin to show up in your life.

I invite you to explore the possibilities that can arise in your life when you look within for love and connection. My life has become so rich and fulfilling and I can connect with everyone I meet, heart to heart, rather than in a battle of wills. This is the life everyone can live if they choose to make the necessary changes and look within for the answers.

Not only will you benefit, but love and connection are contagious, so the people around you will benefit too!

You Are Never Alone (06)
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