A Fuller Life

How meditation helped me to navigate major life changes

Lorna found Ascension during a period of upheaval as she navigated a major career change. The practice brought her calmness and clarity. This is her story, as told to Prasada Ishaya.

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    Ascension found me during a stressful time in my life. I was working in an IT company in the south of England, in a management role, overseeing huge projects. So it was full on.

    Then, the company I worked for was sold. 

    I had been living in the same area for about ten years and had established a big community of friends. But I was offered another opportunity in the north of England.

    So that meant uprooting my life, moving away from the people I loved and the people who loved me. What’s more, to get ready for the transition to this new company, we had to work under some very tight deadlines and deliver some very big projects very quickly.

    So life was quite stressful. I needed a new life strategy. With so much change going on professionally and personally, I needed to find a way to have a better relationship with my mind. I needed to make peace with it.

    So that’s when Ascension found me.

    A Fuller Life

    I’d thought I needed a life coach, but I didn’t know who to approach. I didn’t know what I was looking for or what I needed to help bring about this new relationship with my mind.

    But I came across an Ishaya teacher. They told me their story about how they became a teacher, and, before I knew it, I was rocking up to a First Sphere Course. I just knew I had to come home.

    So I completed the course, and the rest is history.

    Introducing one of my Ascension techniques gives me so much fullness in my heart, so much joy… it’s life-changing.

    Ascension really works

    It’s an easy practice. You can fit it into your day-to-day life. It very easily, naturally, and organically fitted into my life. Because it’s so easy, you can do it with both eyes closed and eyes open throughout your day. And it doesn’t stop you performing at your best or taking care of what you need to take care of.

    “You’re really anchored in peace.” – Lorna, UK

    During that time of professional and personal upheaval, my Ascension practice helped me to become clear and calm. It helped me to prepare for and navigate all of that. I was able to perform at my best. And I was also able to look after my health through that busy time.

    A Fuller Life 02

    Ascension impacts every area of life

    Life has changed so much since then, because of the change in my relationship with my mind. Its thoughts and beliefs were limiting my life. They were holding me back from living a fuller life. I used to experience life as very busy, stressful, tiring, and exhausting. Now, there’s no struggle at all.

    Everything has become smoother and calmer. With any big life decision, there is so much more clarity. Because I have got this bedrock of contentment and calm and inner peace, I can work with anything that gets presented, in a very present and peaceful way.

    And I have become a lot more content. With the changes in my personal life – I didn’t have what I used to have, everything was very different, but I was the most content I had ever been.

    Ascension has given me so much more than that as well – certainly more peace of mind and peace in my life. You’re able to navigate your outer landscape because your inner landscape has become so peaceful and still and solid. You’re really anchored in that peace, and therefore your outer world becomes that too.

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