Devotion And Selfless Service

Truth reveals itself to us through the recognition of the good in everything.

Is The Voice In Your Head Really Yours?

Just imagine if you stopped believing what your inner dialogue is commenting on, to you, and at you. You may start to experience what is real in this life.

Living From Stillness

Living from inner stillness in a busy world is possible. In fact, being able to make that a choice you consciously make leads to a bigger adventure of living.

Oneness And The Potential Of Ascension

Ascension has given me "THE HOW" to experience all that I only read about in books or saw in documentaries about monks and enlightened saints.

Transcending Addiction

Beyond the realm of thought, there is a still and silent presence, rich and alive, profoundly absorbing and all-encompassing, full of joy and peace.

Guests Of Mystery

We are guests of the mystery of this moment.

Why Commitment Makes Life Easier

When you know where you’re going that’s everything. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing 100%.

Don't Complicate Your Path - Just Let Go


Returning Home


How I Discovered Peace Was Always Waiting For Me


Giving The Gift Of Non-Judgement

If we are fully present to what is, there is no room for judgment about a situation or a person.

You Are Never Alone

Connection lies naturally beyond the limiting patterns

“Aha!” Moments - Reality Revealing Itself

Whether you realise it or not, you are on a path of consciousness. Just by being alive....

Creating Healthy Habits Helped Me Experience More Peace

I can say from experience to anyone who is willing to try those things out, that it gets easier with time.
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