What Do You Lose When You Practice The Ishayas’ Ascension?

By Chandan Ishaya

Being asked this question I could come up with many things I’ve lost along the way. I would say the list of things I’m losing whilst Ascending keeps growing, and will grow forever.

So the most truthful answer would be concise, direct and straightforward: “Everything.” This might sound like something no one would wish for, but as you keep reading, you’ll see this is actually an excellent and desirable thing. Let me explain…

Attachment Is The Root Of Suffering

In my experience, most (if not all) of our troubles, problems and limitations come from being attached to something which we falsely believe is ours. Something that could be lost, damaged, challenged or destroyed.

Before I learnt to Ascend, I was in a constant state of underlying fear. Fear about my financial security, fear about what others think of me, fear of making wrong decisions, etc. The list seemed endless.

At that time, all that existed for me was the world I had been taught was reality. The world of things you can touch, see, measure, and explain. The world which is backed up by science and understood by the mind as reality.

What do you lose with Ascension 02

There is nothing wrong with this, however, there was always something missing in my experience. Something which is unmeasurable by science, something you can’t touch or see - a realm of experience which can only be entered through surrender. Ultimately the surrender of everything.

Nowadays, the average human is only aware of what is objective. The world of forms we live in; people, emotions, thoughts, everything that comes and goes. Usually, our sense of reality is defined by and limited to the objective world which is constantly changing by nature - and our attachment to it.

Ancient Wisdom Points To The Solution

I’ve always been a fan of Jesus Christ, who said, “be poor before God!”. Through my experience of using the Ascension techniques, I started to understand what he meant and why this is so important.

There is another famous quote of his, which compares the gateway into the Kingdom of God with the eye of a needle and states that you can’t take anything with you. I love that. 

My interpretation of what Jesus said is, the only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is to let go of everything. You can’t even bring one belief with you, not one thought.

What happens if you let go of everything objective to you? Try! You can do it; everyone can do it.

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You Are That Which Is Aware

In my experience, it makes it very clear what the subject is. What you actually are, is that which is aware. When you are aware of something, you clearly cannot be what you are aware of, right?

So this physical world, which includes your own body, circumstances, emotions, feelings, and even thoughts, everything you can perceive actually, has nothing to do with you and needn’t define you.

This is what has been consistent with my practice of Ascension. It always makes me lose my attachment to what changes and my insistence on that being reality. It continuously throws me back to a clear recognition of my true self, which is not an object in this world. It makes me lose my entanglement with what’s objective, most notably the mind, and empowers me to rest as that which is not entangled.

Ascension also helps me drop my false sense of self, my false sense of reality and what is always left is the timeless, unlimited, absolute truth of the already free self that silently roams beyond it all.

Living Life With Hands Wide Open

So I’d say I lose everything through my practice of Ascension. And that’s a good thing, because it’s already a universal truth, that ultimately, nothing belongs to me.

Holding on to any aspect of this creation as being mine, makes me suffer. Because holding on to something, even as small and subtle as a thought, covers up the experience of being unlimited, and gives the impression that there is a lack of something in the self.

Holding onto that something (even if it’s just knowledge about something) adds to it and makes it seem more complete. But in total surrender of everything, you’ll find that nothing was ever lacking.

Who you indeed are is infinite, and more than complete, because it is one. This is what Ascension does for me. I lose the many and rediscover the one.

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